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 click anywhere on the map,
 radius starts @ 10+10Km, it can be increased.
 If a town / village name appears, it is
 a good indication of a venue within 1 Km of
  that spot, click & see below.

 other local listings can be found from the
 Drop-Down menus at the top
 or by hovering beyond the purple dots

 (think Exeter to Shrewsbury 
 Cardiff to Nettlebed (Oxon))

 Ring first before travelling
any distance

 see below for list based on OSGR above.
 help panel will show until you click somewhere

 distance/county/post code/etc cell
 are links to Streetmap of the location

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 for UK generally

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 choose a town  click to find events  display on how soon 
predicting up to a month ahead
 but beware
 display Post Code   re-display Counties 
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approx distances attempt to account for the Bristol channel ( £ € ) & river Severn
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